~ Mud News ~

Most news will be now posted on the forums, or within the MUD itself. Check here for past news.


Updated March 2010

  • Most small changes will be listed on the message boards as Myra is getting
    weary of writing them in two locations. New areas will continue to be listed
  • Hondarth has been expanded into the forest south of the town.
  • Read website for more information on upcoming traps
  • Fairhaven Monastery has been located within Nightspire Forest
  • Abandoned Vampire Passageways added to the Manor Tunnels
  • The Vampire Manor has repaired a section of their manor.

Updated October 13, 2008

  • See HELP WHO, New command can be used anytime WHO NAME
  • No restrictions on level for grouping, items and pkill before pwipe
  • New Highscore Table for Explorer, Check it Out.
  • Minor changes will be listed on the forums website. Major ones I will
    still try to list here though.
  • IRC is up and running. (See note)
  • Some changes to startup area. Combat Academy.
  • Some races are set to nowalk that weren't previously updated.
  • New area installed for a sapphire dragon. Beware!
  • Updated help file for bio and description
  • Updated Website... Check out the new look. Still a work in progress.
  • Added a help file for dragons.
  • Help Supplicate - now you can supplicate for rations

Updated August 8, 2007

  • Modified mana adjustments for each class slightly. The more dependant on
    magic the class is, the more mana they get each level, and vice versa.
  • Modified Battle Prompt. Available as a config option.
  • Meridia, Dagnalrok, Nachstrum, Chutuee, and the Vampmanor have hired
    ratcatchers to deal with their rodent problems. Check them out. :)
    So'Ellar has hired a snail exterminator as well.
  • There are now several potions in the world that restore mana but they
    are very few and quite expensive.
  • The website listing of skills and spells is now completed. Several other
    sections have also been updated. Check it out. :)
  • Pertun Forest has been declared protected for thanksgiving. No Summoning
    and no Astraling while the turkeys are residing there.
  • Some shopkeepers had been unintentionally junking their equipment that was
    meant to be in the game. That should be fixed now.
  • There are now hiscore tables for those with the most glory and oldest age.
    This will not begin working until the next reboot.
  • There are now four new deities available for devotion by elementalists.
  • There were many rooms that were green in the underdark. They are now the
    grey they should be. Please set your color default text to light grey.
  • See HELP WHO, You can now Who <name> whether they are online or offline so use your biographies.
  • The game will now keep track of areas you have explored and there will be a high score list for the most areas explored.

Updated March 19, 2006

  • Some races will allow a player to be ridden by other players
  • The 'affected' command lists racial information, examples would be the ability to eat corpses(trolls), or being claustrophobic(elves).
  • Turns out there is a connection between black lightning and negative
    material, ie its innately evil energy.
  • Alignment changes are slowed down at upper levels.
  • Two new spells were added for clerics/heretics/vampires.
    'sight of aquarius' and 'blood stalk'memorizing spells in healing rooms takes less time than normal now.
  • Should no longer trigger critical strike when attacks are dodged
  • Drain/holy hp restore no longer work unless a blow actually lands
  • Holy/Drain work on gloves for monks now too
  • Unholy_word/spritual wrath should give the caster wearoff of blindness instead now
  • Svirfneblin and duergar are real races(idea)
  • Dasylvius' program shoudl be fixed



Updated June 5, 2005

  • Rangers can now eventually choose an enemy race and a preferred terrain type. See help RACIAL_ENEMY and CHOSEN_TERRAIN.
  • Dreadknights are now offered as a class. The solution to anit-paladin. :)
  • The shadowform spell functions a lot differently now, see help shadowform.
  • The mana command differentiates non-verbal spells from others now.
  • If you CAN eat a corpse, normal food usually isn't very filling for you.
  • Check out the help file ARCHIVES
  • Lights can be recharged at certain shops now.
  • Adrenaline now prevents quitting right after fighting
  • Torturing is now possible for some classes, and sometimes can be rewarding.
  • Wands and Staves can also be wielded and used as weapons now.
  • New Socials: snivel, sovain, vain, and sedative
  • Help File for Torture
  • Morikai the deity now is functional
  • Heretics got a new spell at level 60.


Updated January 12, 2004

  • New help file * Zmud
  • No more casting while affected by berserk, ie fervor/rage/some equipment.
  • Check out LAWS STAKE.
  • Animals can no longer buy/sell/repair things=P, but druids are soon to have a new skill.=)
  • A minor change to LAWS ASSIST, no littering please.
  • Change to the HELP BUILD file.
  • Elven moonblades were modified slightly, more useful, but more picky too.
  • The anticleric flag should be working from now on.
  • Astral walking is more expensive, and much more so for larger distances.
  • Donate is now called junk instead.
  • Better Dragon/Giant subraces require more levels/luck to get now.
  • Evil people sometimes get gem/metallic dragon subraces and vice versa now.
  • Shapeshifting into more powerful forms takes more time now.
  • Some creatures require more powerful enchanted weapons to hit them now.
  • A new spell, 'chariot of light' was added for high level clerics.
  • Corpses will begin to stay where they are at level 10.
  • Safety can be cast on other creatures now, say animated dead?


Updated July 15, 2003

  • Supplicating is a bit harder to make mistakes and waste favor with it now, ie. it may not work if it is unneeded at the time as of next reboot(2/25).
  • New druid spell called hail storm was created.
  • Now most item types can actually be scrapped if enough damage is sustained.
  • Prior to this, only lights and a few other rare item types were scrappable. Player corpses last longer after level 20 and shorter for people under 20.
  • Focus should work for healing spells and all damage spells now.
  • Paladins mounts rise in levels with their masters now.
  • Singing works a little better now.
  • The bug with circle failing at times it shouldn't was fixed.
  • Switchhit doesn't work on a mob being attacked already by a player.
  • It is no longer possible for anyone to literally dodge every attack.
  • Bards have to have 1% in singing to sing now, and can stop songs now too.
  • Rangers actually have morals now, and suffer if they betray them.
  • Combat negates any camoflauge or diguises(HELP DISGUISE).
  • There is now a lag after firing a bow.
  • The spell Identify sometimes tells more info when cast on mobs/players.
  • Rangers/Paladins/Thieves are told when they gain the ability to zap, recite, or brandish at a specific level.


Updated February 1, 2003

  • Hunting Mobs have become smarter, but can't track what they can't see.
  • Quitting at the wrong time can make things harder later on.
  • Guards and Shops are now slightly racist.
  • Non-Humanoid pets can only wear special types of armor now.
  • Mobs no longer count during the splitting of money in a group.
  • New Rules regarding Pkilling, Check out the Note on the Mud.


Updated November 30, 2002

  • Dodge boost on avoidance/celerity was toned down slightly.
  • There are now maps in the world. Keep an eye out for them.
  • The exit command now takes into account hidden/secret exits, hence read the room descriptions carefully for those lil suprises.
  • Lawful cities will have jails and will use them, watch out!
  • You will be able to specialize in a weapon as a warrior.
  • Okey, long time coming, but the feathered quests should be all fixed.
  • Missileweapons now require two hands to use. ie. a bow, etc.
  • Now there is additional info on character creation, check it out.
  • Some equipment can only be worn by your mount, ie saddles.
  • If too low level to use chat or ooc, it will now tell you that.
  • Vampires will now have their blood restored when finished in the arena, just as mana is for others.
  • Lizardman are no longer so close to So'Ellar. Check out the new area!


Updated October 6, 2002

  • Added Dreadknight, Mercenary, and Lich Professions.
  • Midas touch now requires rare component, can be bought however.
  • Giant subraces are now in for poly and shapeshifters.
  • New merchant town set up in the region of the Pertun Forest!
  • The vigor ability has been corrected now. It was giving 2X hp that it should have been. This takes effect next reboot as of 7/23/02.
  • New area added in next to Serril Mts.
  • Beware when you attack shopkeepers, they may just call for help!
  • Getting drunk has just become alot more colorful!
  • Went through and fixed a bunch of typos/bugs that were noted, and added or fixed alot of help files you may have been looking for.
  • HELP IDLIST New command!
  • New message when you create a character and are thinking about a name.
  • Weddings and Wedding Chapels are now in the Game.
  • Guards can be called by some other 'important' people in various areas.
  • Thornwall is finally debugged, but really powerful creatures can overpower it at times. Be careful!
  • Thornwall should be fully operational again.
  • Good job on the Typos and Bugs, Fixing them as we go! Keep up the Good Noting!
  • Added Several Archers Trainers and Equipment in Various Locations.
  • Updated Websites High Score Lists


Previous Updated to June 3rd, 2002
Updates forthwith will be displayed in date order

  • Use bug, typo, idea commands to helps us find things appropriately. We will try to get to them as soon as humanly possible. Thank you!
  • Stables have been added in order to provide a place for your pet to stay
  • Good shopkeepers will no longer purchase poisoned weapons
  • New Profession is in... HELP Templar
  • Scrolls, Wands, and Staves now can only be used by those versed in them
  • The level you begin to lose your corpse at has been lowered to 20 so be careful while out exploring:)
  • Healer mobs now require you to purchase their spells similiar to stores
  • Giths portals now have changed slightly to better reflect different corners of the world. Be careful and check em out before leaping in!
  • Stupid people only get 1 language, smart people get up to 3.
  • Burlap bags given to you by shopkeepers etc, will disintegrate.
  • As of 3/30/02 pay close attention to what the consider command tells you, it may be more reliable than you thought before!
  • Be sure to check out config and a few new options we put into it.
  • Check 'Laws Pkill' for updates regarding getting things out of corpses
  • Portal to hell hath moved, beware!
  • Rescue now works correctly
  • A slight adjustment was made to bless, it doesn't provide quite as much bonus in save vs spell but affects every saving throw now.
  • The duration for curse was lowered and it was set to affect all saving throws exactly the opposite of bless.
  • New Supplicate Feature from deities, check help file
  • Zaubmal no longer gives favor for both digging and burying corpses. Choose!
  • Be on the lookout for some new scrolls/potions/stuff being sold around
  • You can no longer hit mobs with missiles from outside the area.
  • Thieves can now peek at the type of money mobs have.
  • Soundless aura should be more reliable now.
  • Some problems with bash and attacks have been hopefully fixed.