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Beta Testing

As of august 2007, we had our last pwipe. We are now open for playing and do not plan to have a pwipe again, ever. Damean has threatened to hang me by my toes is I even think about such a thing. :) We are as always, tweaking things as we find them. If anything major occurs, a note will be posted in the MUD letting people know of possible changes.

At the last pwipe, hero characters had the option of having their character made into a npc. That option still stands for people currently made heroes. The only catch is that then you would have to retire the character and it wouldn't be available for general play.

The highscore lists within the MUD will be the most current. Occasionally I may post the newest highscores on facebook. The website scores will stay as the ones of people just prior to the pwipe.

Public Relations and Administration Department

Bugs, Typos, and Ideas

We like reading your ideas and am very thankful when you hunt down bugs and typos for us. Keep doing so and we will keep addressing them. Sometimes we can't implement all your ideas but we really do enjoy reading them. Thank you for caring. :)

The Administration

Currently Accepting Builders

We are currently accepting applications for builders. Please log into the MUD with a character, and type help BUILD. This will bring up a list of our requirements and expectations. And no, not all applicants will be accepted, we are relatively strict in our expectations, but don't hesitate to play regardless of the outcome of any applications.

We hope you enjoy your stay here,
The Building Staff


We now have a facebook page where some updates will be posted as they occur. If you have fun screenshots you would like to post there you can do that as well. Click here for the link to facebook. Just a place to communicate outside of the MUD. If there is a crash, please post it here, and I'll get to it as soon as humanly possible. You can also just send a message if you have a question and I'll answer it or try to the best of my ability. :)

Myra, WebPixie