Druid Spells & Skills

* = Might be nice to begin with when practicing initially

  • Level 1
    Spell: armor *
    Spell: continual light
    Spell: detect magic
    Spell: faerie fire *
    Skill: aid
    Skill: cook
    Skill: dig
    Skill: evasive style
    Skill: mount
    Skill: scan
    Skill: standard style
    Weapon: axes
    Weapon: bludgeons
    Weapon: flexible arms
    Weapon: lances
    Weapon: long blades
    Weapon: pugilism
    Weapon: short blades
    Weapon: talonous arms
    Tongue: common
    Tongue: drow
    Tongue: dwarven
    Tongue: elvish
    Tongue: gith
    Tongue: goblin
    Tongue: halfling
    Tongue: ogre
    Tongue: orcish
    Tongue: pixie
    Tongue: reptile
    Tongue: trollese
  • Level 2
    Skill: climb
  • Level 5
    Spell: charm animal
    Spell: cure blindness
    Spell: detect poison
    Spell: infravision
    Spell: refresh
    Skill: aggressive style
    Skill: forage
    Skill: kick
    Skill: search
    Weapon: missile weapons
  • Level 6
    Skill: defensive style
  • Level 10
    Spell: bless
    Spell: create water
    Spell: cure poison
    Spell: detect traps
    Spell: faerie fog
    Spell: flamestrike
    Spell: growth
    Spell: poison
    Skill: hunt
  • Level 15
    Spell: call lightning
    Spell: control plant
    Spell: dispel magic
    Spell: enlarge
    Spell: free action
    Spell: identify
    Spell: reduce
    Spell: shocking grasp
    Skill: creep
    Skill: dodge
    Skill: firestart
    Skill: meditate
  • Level 20
    Spell: aqua breath
    Spell: charged sphere
    Spell: create food
    Spell: create spring
    Spell: lightning bolt
    Spell: locate object
    Spell: sight of aquarius
    Spell: vitality
    Skill: second attack
  • Level 25
    Spell: barkskin
    Spell: earthquake
    Spell: iceshield
    Spell: poisonous orb
    Spell: protection
    Spell: safety
    Spell: scorching surge
  • Level 30
    Spell: charged beacon
    Spell: control weather
    Spell: fire seeds
    Spell: force reversion
    Spell: pixie ring
    Spell: sleep
    Skill: berserk style
  • Level 35
    Spell: entangle
    Spell: fireshield
    Spell: plant pass
    Spell: remove trap
    Spell: stone skin
    Spell: vibrancy
    Skill: animalform
    Skill: revert
    Skill: third attack
    Skill: track
  • Level 40
    Spell: hail storm
    Spell: rainbow
    Spell: resilience
    Spell: shockshield
    Spell: thorn wall
    Skill: blend
  • Level 45
    Spell: conjure phoenix
    Spell: plant growth
    Spell: poisonous cloud
    Spell: thornspray
    Spell: tranquility
    Skill: enhanced damage
    Skill: trance
  • Level 50
    Spell: envenom
    Spell: natural cure
    Spell: true sight
    Spell: woodform
  • Level 55
    Skill: brew
    Skill: scribe
  • Level 60
    Skill: discharge
    Skill: glacialwall
    Skill: radiate
    Skill: reinforce
    Skill: venombreak
  • Level 70
    Spell: sunray