This Elven deity is known by different names on different planes. To some, he is known as Damaan, shadow guardian of nature, drow know him as Bringer of Light. To some elves, he is known as their founding deity, Corellon Larethian. In any and all cases, he claims only to be known as a child of the goddess of nature herself.

He hopes to lead his elven people to a brighter future, with less strife and hardship some day. For now he spends his time helping and teaching his beautiful wife Myra. At times, he can still be seen at war with his evil half brother, Gruk. Their battles are said to have been the cause of some of the greatest earthquakes and other disasters to shape this land. Return to Top

Long before mortal memory served to create history, Gruk was formed of a union of gods, though which gods created this evil progeny, none speak now of it. Wreathed in smoke and fire and bringing fiery death to those it amuses him to smite, Gruk is a force of chaos, death, and anarchy. Ages ago, battles with his half-brother Damean caused Gruk to defile the land in hopes of creating minions capable of snuffing out the delicate forces created by the good gods.

Known and served by the most abandoned of souls, Gruk holds loyalty to none and delights only in what serves his trite amusement at any given time. Return to Top


Created by Damean to help bring good to the lands, Myra was the first pixie in existence. She served as a helper, and after many years of service and friendship, fell in love with Damean and was married under the Great Oak Tree. Her only condition on marriage was that he make himself short when with her, and this is the reason Damean is sometimes seen as only several inches tall.

In their magically created home, they find happiness and work to improve the world around them. A little short for even a pixie, Myra has always been trying to be unique and different. She loves to dance and sing, although not too good at the latter, as well as meditate upon life. (it's hard for her to sit still for long periods of time however) She spends her time running throughout the world, and as quickly as she appears she disappears with a smile and a wink. In pausing between work, she enjoys playing harmless pranks on mortals and is curious as to their history and quest in life.Return to Top


Born near the beginning of time, Ilira is the younger sister of Damean, by way of their father, the Ocean. She lives in the deep ocean, where the water is calm and unaffected by any storms that may rage above. She prefers to be surrounded by beauty and assists in the pursuit of good. During the great creation, she is known for taking several elves under her wing, giving them the ability to breathe underwater and survive in her domain, hence creating the first Sea-Elves.

Ilira is known for her off-beat sense of humor and her ready smile, but she has a temper and the oceans reflect her current mood Return to Top



Kane began the mud when it was known as Eighth Sin, and most likely several other names. We joined him in the late 90's and after a time, due to illnesses, he eventually handed the reins over to Damean. Although disappearing for stretches at a time, he would always return to see what we had begun work on, and to offer his opinion on everything. Then one summer he didn't return and to our dismay we found that he wouldn't be returning. We now dedicate the MUD in memory of him, and hope that somewhere he is smiling and reminding us that the game is supposed to be fun above all other things.Return to Top


Born into slavery under a cruel and merciless master, Zara came to be. The master who saved her was a kind and beautiful one, who taught her to love everything in nature. Being touched by such magnificence changed her whole inner being, so that even though there is a Dwarf on the outside, inside is a child of nature. Shunned by her kin, she roams the realm helping those in need, regardless of race or creed. Return to Top