Through space and time there is such a thing known as creation. It is possible anywhere and anytime ... in one time and one place Vastil was created. The world consisted of extreme heat clashing with freezing oceans and thunder crashed over and over upon mountains that were erupting through the crust of the ground. At last it was completed.

During this process, the earth-mother, Jarika, gave birth to two children. These were the first of many that would eventually come to rule the world. The first, whose father was the sun, was known by the name of Gruk. He had the strength of both his parents, earth and fire, but his father's heat fueled both Gruks anger and ambitions. The second, a gentler one, was known as Damean.

Having inherited patience from his father, Ocean, and fortitude from his mother, Damean toiled to create a living continent upon the planet of Vastil. Thinking he was done, he left it to grow, prosper, and create life on its own. Gruk became angry at this attempt at creation and destroyed what had been built with volcanoes, earthquakes, and giant storms which flooded the newly created land with the vast seas with devistating tidal waves.

Not to be distraught, and still wanting to create life and give meaning to the inhospitable rock known as Vastil, Damean tried a second time, only this time assisted by his younger sister, Ilira. Living in her father's waters, she swore to protect and nurture life deep beneath the surface. Damean created pixies to help maintain his work to foster life on land. In response Gruk again attempted to destroy the world with volcanoes and meteors, summoning all of his energy to his task. The pixies worked diligently and were able to repair the damage almost as quickly as Gruk could deal it on land, while Ilira soothed the Oceans, keeping the depths calm while disaster raged above.

Frustrated at being thwarted, Gruk began to resort to magical means, using it to spill his evil intentions into the world. Wherever lava landed, vile life forms sprang up into existence, bringing with them chaos and evil. With this, Damean was concerned but the good creatures of the land appeared able to fend off the evil darkness now in the land. He was satisfied with the balance, and left them as they were. Gruk however was displeased that his hordes were not able to overcome the goodness that now was firmly rooted near its first source, the Great Oak Tree.

Gruk then enlisted an ancient evil to work with him toward his goal of creating a permanent blight upon the land. This evil ally was known as Kane. He existed outside time, someone eternal who could make a mockery out of all living creatures on Vastil, he was the father of all vampires, the ruler of all undead.

To this day forces of light and those of darkness are at war on Vastil. Orcs raid elven land for the sheer joy of watching the elves scream in terror and drow torture each other to please their evil deity. Dwarves forge new weapons and armor in order to be better able to defend their homeland with. An elven knight searches the land for anyone more skillful than he, while a dragon rolls over upon its great mountain of gems wondering when its next meal will enter its lair. And somewhere a lone lizardman hunter tries to sneak quietly down the tunnel, not knowing what is around the next corner.

Who are you? What will you do? The stage is set, now you start your journey...