Creation of the Good Races

After creating the pixies, the first of which being Myra, Damean began to instruct them to work hard and bring beauty and life to the land. He showed them how to cultivate the forests and grasses.

For quite some time, the pixies worked diligently, and created a beautiful forest. At the center of this forest stood a gigantic oak tree. The pixies were very happy and decided to make this tree their home. They continued to work hard and nurtured this tree. Eventually it began to bear several types of fruit. There first were large apples which had the special ability to become living creatures when they landed on the ground. These beings were known as elves. The first elves learned to help each other out and work together to construct amazing cities within the forests. Over time the forests and grass- lands covered much of the open surface, and the pixies and elves were very happy.

Several elves wished to make a difference and volunteered to join Ilira, the Goddess of the Ocean, in creating life and goodness in its depths. After being granted the ability to thrive under the water, under the Goddess's direction, these elves began to cultivate kelp and algae to grow on the ocean floor. Hence these elves remained in the ocean forevermore and became known as Sea-Elves.

The next challenge was to bring life to the mountains. The pixies began to weave magic upon the rocks of the mountains, but they were too stubborn to give fruits. Instead some pixies were able to find some of the most beautiful gems in the world. They begged the earth mother to assist them in their task of finding these extraordinary gems. The Mother was happy with the work the pixies had done and requested the stones of the mountain to assist in the task. These stones woke from their slumber and rose up as dwarves, their souls afire with the need to work earthen materials into things of great durability and great beauty.

Over time some dwarves became full of an affliction more common to elves, known as wanderlust. These dwarves went off to explore the wonderous world and did so until they found a peaceful valley near the great forests of the pixies and elves. Here they settled down. These first explorers became the founders of the halfling race. But others were still not happy, they began to wonder how things worked and where they could find answers. These dwarves explored the world for answers. After finding that some questions could be answered by doing experiments, they decided to settle down within mountains, similiar to their dwarven kin, and now these gnomes began to invent many useful and not so useful creations. They maintained their love for working with earthen material but began to create more complex tools and inventions.