Creation of the Evil Races

After becoming angry at Damean's consistent efforst to bring life to the world, Gruk came up with a horrible plan. Instead of just wreaking the destruction he sought himself, he followed in Damean's footsteps, using magic to create henchmen to help him destroy the world.

This was done by dumping enchanted meteors upon the world, and enraging dark cursed volcanoes to the point of eruption. Wherever the meteors crashed upon mountainsides, ogres and giants rose up from, and where mudslides buried forests, orcs sprang up. When the lava from volcanoes rolled over wetlands and marshes, trolls walks free of the smoke. When the lava finally ended its journey in the seas, lizardmen stalked out of the steam. The worst corruptions were still yet to come.

Having gotten sick of the pixies working so diligently without fear, Gruk commanded his henchmen to kidnap a few of them. A hoard of lizardmen attacked the Great Oak, burning down much of the surrounding forest and enslaving some hundred pixies. They took these poor souls down to the pits of the underdark beneath a volcano where Gruk had made his home. Over decades and centuries of torture, both magical and physcial, these pixies were twisted and warped into goblins. They were instilled with a magical curse to make them exist to kill and torture pixies.

To add insult to injury and prove that no race would go unscathed, Gruk and Kane worked dark rituals and infected the minds of several influential elves with an insidious curse, the sins of pride and ambition. For most these are restrainable, but in some they may grow and bear the fruits of deception and disharmony, and such was the fate of the previously great, unspoiled elven nations. A great war took place amongst the elves of the world, resulting in dark skinned drow elves. They are seeded with hatred towards their surface 'cousins'. As a race, they are ambitious, sadistic, and vengeful, seeking to influct pain upon all, but especially upon elves of the surface and those of the sea.