Armonia's Story

A city known as Armonia was created by human, elves, and dwarves. It became a center for knowledge and offered schooling for any who could reach this place. All races sent their youngest, most ambitious adventurers to train at the newly formed Combat Academy. At the peak of its power, the ruler of this town began to research magic that would allow anyone who could use it to wield godly powers. His name was Loklor.

After some time, he finished his work and being exceedingly greedy and ambitious, he gathered the citizens of the city together and told them what he intended to do. A wise sage, known as Kyrie, yelled in protest. She attempted to argue that it was foolish for mortals with their limited wisdom and knowledge to even consider gaining such power. Fortuneately some listened and she led them quickly away from the city, fearing the results of such arrogance.

At this time, Loklor began to read the fateful words of his spell. As he began, hordes of vampires began rising from the graves of the city, and Githyanki warriors rode in across the plains, into the heart of Armonia. Led by Gruk and Kane, these hordes of demons and all that was evil, rapidly slaughtered all who had remained in the city.

People fled in all directions, and at the moment Loklor uttered the final words of his spell, his tongue was ripped from his mouth by Gruk's bloody whip. For his ambition, Loklor was sentenced to be immortalized and to exist only in the deepest pit of hell, the abyss. For her courage and wisdom, Kyrie was bestowed the honor of guarding the gates of heaven and controlling all the winds and rains in the world.

After this, Damean was so ashamed of what had occured to these people, he tore the entire city from its foundation and heaved it far across the ocean so that none could see the horrible acts that had been committed on that day in time.