Short Details of Races

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Humans  The generic race, with no inherent strengths or weaknesses.
Dwarves        Short, hardy and hairy; often cantankerous in personality
Elves Tall, thin and swift like the wind; close to nature and earth.
Halflings Short, quick and furry; mischevious and head-strong.
Pixies A winged race, small of stature and with keen minds.
Half-Elves A mix of Human and Elf, possess the advantages of both.
Ogres Tall, tough and stupid, a stereotypical warrior.
Orcs Slightly larger than humans, but slightly dumber and smellier.
Trolls Giant but lean, very tough, very stupid and very afraid of fire.
Gith Gaunt and long of limb, these astral beings have powerful magic.
Githzerai Similar in build to gith, these good natured humanoids are even more attuned to magic than gith.
Githyanki Stronger than both gith and githzerai, these brutal creatures are also very skillful in the arcane.
Sea-Elves Born of the sea, natural ability to breath under water.
Drow Cousins of the elf, with a drawing to magic and casting spells.
Lizardmen Given to tribal living, stronger in body than in mind.
Gnomes Demi-human creatures, well suited for magic and religion.
Goblins "If pixies are happy, hyper and cute, then goblins are sure enough short, ugly, mean and just plain evil."