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There are many paths and choices to be made in life. The choosing of one's profession is not the least of these. When a player reaches level 50 they have the opportunity to begin advancing in a new career. Scattered throughout the world are teachers and schools where players can go to enter into the circles of that profession and also hone their skills.


The monastic order is one that cannot be entered lightly. When a player becomes a monk he gives up the use of weapons completely. A monk uses mind and body centering techniques to gain complete control over their body. Because these techniques require freedom of movement, even armor can become a hindrance to the monks performance. This centering allows the monk to best even the most heavily armored opponent with his bare hands.

REQUIREMENTS: Cannot be wielding a weapon, and never will again wield a weapon.

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This holy order of knights is not discriminating on who they let into their ranks. They will accept anyone who is noble of heart and soul. A crusaders duty is to be the violence for those who seek a refuge from violence. No cry for help should be refused by them, and no injustice should be left unrighted.

Through their faith, crusaders are shielded from harm by ignoble magical attacks. Through their rigorous training they are able to take more damage, an their blows in combat are struck with righteous fury. A crusader is a formidable opponent in combat, and not to be crossed.

REQUIREMENTS: Alignment > 350

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Amazons are fierce female warriors. Whether raised in a city or a jungle, the Amazon has learned how to survive through the school of hard knocks. The amazon feels she must prove herself to be better than men. In most cases, she proves this very well, driving herself into a berserk fury during combat, inflicting grevious wounds upon her foes.

REQUIREMENTS: Only females can be amazons.

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Being a minstrel means never having to worry about food and lodging. There will always be an inn that is willing to have you come and play. A bard, though, is something else entirely. A bard has dedicated their life to finding an adventure worthy of a ballad. Rather than just knowing song, the seek to write a song that will go down in history, thus preserving their fame forever. The bard knows the secret of song, knows how it can affect people's moods. They have also discovered that it can change the very world around them. By singing songs of power and magic, the bard is able to change people's perceptions of things. They can use these songs to disguise themselves, make their opponents believe they are somewhere else, and even absorb the magical energy of spellcasters, rendering their arcane magicks useless.

REQUIREMENTS: A bard must have a charisma of at least 15

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Assassins are killers for hire. They are gritty individuals, hardened to the pain and suffering of their victims. When they kill, they do so without remorse, to them its just part of the job. Assassins train themselves in the art of disguise and subterfuge. They also realize the value of real knowledge and study texts on anatomy and bone structure, thus enabling them to make every blow count for more. The constant tests performed by elder initiates of the assasin guild on younger initiates leave their bodies horribly scarred. This scarring toughens their bodies to the hardships of the real world, and makes them much more resistant to attacks by their foes.

REQUIREMENTS: Natural dexterity greater than 15 and an alignment less than 0

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The cult of demonists is a secret one, scattered throughout the world. A demonist gains his power by literally binding the essence of demons to their soul. By doing this, demonists are able to live off of the pain and suffering of others. To the demonist, killing someone is the same as taking a long nap.

REQUIREMENTS: A demonist must be evil.

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The shapeshifter is a master of his or her own body. They recieve skills which allow them to shift their height or weight to gain advantage in combat, as well as the ability to morph their body into a completely different race. This could range from something as small as an ant, to something monstrously huge. At their strongest, these powerful people can also attune their body to reduce the amount of damage which they are dealt per blow.

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Archers are rare people with such grace and control that they can be deadly when using ranged attacks. These individuals aim with such precision from great distances, that even the smallest and most inoffensive missiles can be devastating to their opponents. Even a single dart can kill an ogre in one hit if it hits the right spot. This intense ranged offense is inapplicable at close range, and therefor archers must also train their bodies to move with almost unnatural grace to allow them to survive should an opponent survive long enough to manuever close enough for melee combat. It is also important for an archer to be able to hunt his prey unnoticed. For this they must learn how to camouflage themselves to avoid detection as long as possible.

REQUIREMENTS: Int > 12 and Dex > 14

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This group of individuals are generally spellcasters themselves who study various ways to become stronger and use their powers wisely. Respected members of the magical community, those that teach the ways of the templar throw everything they have into training and learning more of their profession.

REQUIREMENTS: A templar must be good and have a 13 or higher wisdom.

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Liches are undead magical creatures who were not cursed(blessed?) with undeath through the usual means, but instead, through powerful arcane rites, they chose to enspell their bodies in a manner than grants them immortality, and with it, infinite time in which to study/perfect their skills and abilities.

Since the ability to understand and perform intense magical ritual is needed for the transformation from living to lichdom, a high amount of intelligence is required for one to be capible of completing the needed processes.

Since in most cases, the motivation behind such a change is purely ambition, most liches tend to be selfish and evil, so one would expect to find his or her mentors within the dark reaches where evil is usually rooted.

Liches are granted increased resistance to various attacks, the ability to harness and store more magic, and the capibility of reducing the damage sustained from various attack forms.


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These dark souls seek power through the forces of evil. They are a sadistic twist of the dark gods upon all that a knight stands for. They recieve abilities that offer them great power in combat. Their souls are tortured for what seems like an eternity during their horrifying baptism into darkness. The result is a hardened warrior, capible of resisting both magic and nonmagic, having increased physical power, and having the ability to steal the life force from many of any opponents foolish enough to stand in their way, and use it to gain increased physical stamina and energy.

REQUIREMENTS: Intelligence > 12 and Alignment < -350

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A mercenary is a sell-sword, or one who offers their skills in combat as a service to anyone. Though they usually work for money, some have been known to accept other, stranger, forms of payment. By honing their physical prowess, these toughened warriors are capible of defending theirselves from magical attacks, as well as inflicting deadly critical strikes with their physical attacks. Another special result of this increased strength and health is the ability to recover health much more quickly than others when healing magic is unavaliable.

REQUIREMENTS: Strength > 14

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