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Drow are the darker, more evil cousins of Elves. They were once part of the happy community of Elves which roam the forests today, but have long since moved under the ground, building vast subterranean cities and complex networks of caves.

Drow have black skin and white hair, and are moderately weaker and have a more slight constitution than average humans. Still, like all Elves, they have a slightly higher dexterity than men.

Members of this race specialize in spell casting, and have developed some very interesting abilities due to this. The most commonly known one is the fact that all drow are born with the ability to cast faerie fire on their opponents. Being creatures of darkness drow tend to shy from lit areas, as well as fighting more proficiently in the dark. They have developed innate infravision to a stronger level than their surface cousins.

Drow gain experience on a scale of 0.96 x normal

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Dwarves are relatively short (in Human terms), stocky and powerfully built creatures. Long-lived and extremely sturdy, they are known equally as well for their hardiness as for their cantankerous personalities. Their thick, stout frames lend them poor dexterity, but high strength and stamina. This race has produced some of the most renowned fighters. Dwarves possess the inherent ability to see in the dark with infravision.

Dwarves average from four foot five inches and five feet tall, with dusky complexions and thick, fur-covered torsos and limbs. Both men and women proudly wear and take pride in their beards.

Dwarves gain experience at a rate of 1.03 x Normal.

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Elves were born in the second age of this world. Legend holds that the first elf sprung from an apple that fell from the Great Oak, the mythical home of the pixies.

Elves are closely bonded with nature and open spaces. They thrive under sun or moonlight. When forced underground, however, they have been known to wither and die, often going mad before killing themselves.

The term Elf is used only in reference to surface dwelling elves, as opposed to sea-elves or drow.

Elves have fair complexions, often with a tinge of green or blue. Their hair is light, either blonde or white. The telltale mark of elves is their pointed ears and almond shaped eyes. Elves have a slightly different muscle structure than humans, which makes them more dexterous, but also more subject to injury. They are strong in magic, and many master mages, clerics, and rangers were elves.

Elves gain experience at a rate of 0.97 x Normal.

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The Gith are a race descended from humans. Once long ago, they were a peaceful civilization of humans that were captured by mind flayers and tormented for centuries. Eventually, a savior named Gith led them to freedom, yet their bodies had been flayed by the mental powers of the Illithids. The Gith found themselves, stronger, quicker, luckier and smarter than average humans, yet they had lost much of their faith, wisdom, stamina and charisma.

They had yellowed skin and were very long of limb. Sunken eyes peered from yellowed sockets, now strangely capable of naturally detecting invisible things. The Gith race has split into three distinct groups recently; the good, the Githzerai, the selfish neutral, the Pirates of Gith, and the evil, the Githyanki.

Gith gain experience on a scale of the normal rate * 0.97

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The Githzerai are the orderly and good division within the original gith tribe. Those gith who have gained enough experience are able to choose between the larger and evil Githyanki or to remain in the astral planes with the other Githzerai.

Githzerai have the ability to use ASTRAL WALK and eventually have access to the spell ASTRAL FOG. The Githyanki are forever exiled to the eternal gloom of Nachstrum, never to return to the astral plane again. The elders urge all young gith to come to a decision, as neutrality is worthless in almost every culture, including that of the Githzerai.

Githzerai gain experience at 0.88 x the normal rate.

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The Githyanki are the evil and chaotic division with the gith tribe. Gith who have gained enough experience, are able to choose between the larger, evil Githyanki, and the smaller and more peaceful Githzerai.

Githyanki are much stronger than Gith or Githzerai, but their appearance suffers from an eternal curse put upon them for abandoning their holy ways by the High Gods, even as their power increases. Furthermore, they become banished eternally from the astral plane, being forced instead to dwell among another of the darkest races, the evil drow in Nachstrum.

Githyanki gain experience at 0.91 x the normal rate.

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Small cousins of the dwarves, gnomes are friendly but reticent, quick to help their friends but rarely seen by other races unless they want to be. Like their cousins, they tend to dwell underground or in hilly regions where they can pursue their interests in peace.

Gnomes have two notable differences to dwarves. The first being that they prefer to keep their beards kept short and neatly trimmed. The second is enormous noses, of which they take great pride. The bigger the better is their motto.

Their skin ranges from dark tan to woody brown, pale hair, and their eyes can be any shade of blue. Gnomes have infravision, and like dwarves possess an innate apathy toward magic. Gnomes greatest racial enemies are kobolds and hobgoblins. They are known for their strange inventions, and strange style of speaking.

Gnomes gain experience at a rate of 1.2 x Normal.

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These beautiful creatures are the result of the mixing of human and elven blood. Though the resulting Half-Elf is not as intelligent as the pure- blooded Elf, nor as hardy as the full-blooded Human, this mix serves quite well in a variety of classes which require the standards of both mental and physical prowess. Their beautiful almond eyes enable them to discern objects in the darkness.

Not as tall as the pure human, they range from 5 1/2 feet to 6 feet in height, with a heavier musculature than their elven ancestors.

Half-Elves gain experience on a scale of normal rate * 1.04.

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Stout, round, open-minded and very elusive the Hobbit has a level of dexterity which is only equal to his wit. Many enjoy the thrill of reading a good book, or telling stories by the fire. Many halflings, because of this, tend to avoid adventuring, though some rare hobbits choose the path of the Bard, or storyteller, for their keen intellect serves them well. This intelligence, coupled by a surprising determination makes them a curious (though somewhat underpowered) ally. Halflings' increased agility gives them the innate ability to move silently.

Halflings have compact bodies and thick, long limbs, and usually have very hairy feet. Eye color range from blue, brown, green, and any shade in between.

Halflings gain experience on a scale of 0.98 x Normal.

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In the beginning there were Humans, Elves and Ogres. Humans are the most numerous and the plainest race in the Realms. Although possessing no special abilities or bonuses, they are the most adaptable and flexible race and are able to assume any class.

Humans are bipedal creatures with two arms and a roundish head. Their height, weight, eye and hair color vary greatly. It is rare to find any two who look identical. Although feared slightly by elves and dwarves, humans are generally treated as neutral by every other race, this is their strongest single advantage.

Humans gain experience at what is considered a Normal rate.

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Lizardmen are semi-aquatic, breathing air but often dwelling totally underwater. They are often noted to use underwater caves as their lair, and are typically found in swamps, marshes, and similar places. Members of this race band together in rough tribal form; they are omnivores, and are likely to prefer human flesh to other foods. Due to this taste for humans, they suffer if their alignment strays too much towards the honorable side of the spectrum.

This race has the innate ability to breath underwater, also remember that if you pull a lizard's tail off, it will simply grow another.

Lizardmen gain experience on a scale of normal rate * 0.

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These large dumb humanoids are between 7 and 10 feet tall and very heavy for their size. Though descended from giants, ogres are generally more stupid than their ancestors. They are capable of wielding weapons and prefer weapons that are as big as they are. They receive bonuses to strength and constitution, but also receive penalties on dexterity, intelligence, and wisdom. They are also not known for their exceptional looks or charm.

Ogres are allowed to be warriors, heretics, or fire elementalists.

They also receive experience at a rate of 1.08 times the average.

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Orcs are a species of aggressive mammalian carnivores that band together in tribes and survive by hunting and raiding. Orcs believe that in order to survive they must expand their territory, and so they are constantly involved in wars against many enemies: humans, elves, dwarves, goblins, and other orc tribes.

Orcs vary widely in appearance, as they frequently crossbreed with other species. In general, they resemble primitive humans with grey-green skin covered with coarse hair. Orcs have a slightly stooped posture, a low jutting forehead, and a snout instead of a nose, though comparisons between this facial feature and those of pigs are exaggerated and perhaps unfair. Orcs have well developed canine teeth for eating meat and short pointed ears that resemble those of a wolf. Orcish snouts and ears have a slightly pink tinge. Their eyes appear human, with a reddish tinge that sometimes makes them appear to glow red when they reflect dim light sources in near darkness. This is actually part of their optical system, a pigment that gives them infravision.

Male orcs are about 5 1/2 feet to 6 feet tall. Females average 6 inches shorter than males. Orcs prefer to wear colors that most humans think unpleasant: blood red, rust red, mustard yellow, yellow green, moss green, greenish purple, and blackish brown. Their armor is unattractive besides--dirty and often a bit rusty. Orcs speak orcish, a language derived from older human and elvish languages. Some orcs have learned to speak common, but are not comfortable with it.

Orcs receive experience at a rate of 1.02 x Normal.

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Pixies were the first of all races. Beloved of the old gods, pixies were created to inhabit and enjoy the world that had been made.

The pixie race was created to lend aid to the gods in their endeavors. They often served as helpers to the old gods, channeling mana to them so that their mighty tasks would be made easier. Because of their very nature, pixies are strong in manipulation of mana, and hence make good mages. Pixie Clerics also abound, for although the old gods are all now long dead, through sheer force of will the pixie race as a collective has created their own new gods.

The magic of pixies imbues everything they touch. Rumors of their homeland are whispered to children before bedtime. A Great Oak standing nearly a mile high is rumored to house, protect, feed, and clothe them. Few pixies become adventurers, their slight build and generally happy nature making them poor candidates for the rigors and hardships endured during a life of adventure.

The pixies main racial enemy is the goblin. They keep their home secret from all the races of man, lest the goblins learn of their whereabouts.

Pixies gain experience at a rate of 1.2 x Normal and are considered a very difficult race to play.

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Also called Aquatic Elves, they are akin to mermen as land elves are akin to men. Found almost exclusively among heavy weed beds in quiet, sheltered, salty waters, they are great friends of the dolphins. The race historically prefers to fashion caverns in lagoon bottoms and reefs in which to live and work, but the reality of the today's Realms has forced them into the general populace.

The race appears slender of build with pointed ears and webbed feet and hands. They have small gill slits on their throats. Their hair is green or blue and their skin is either green or silvery in color. They have innate aqua breathing as well as scrying due to their very acute vision. Their study of the purest forms of magic was lost during the Great War of Elven Nations centuries ago. They now are left with only the ability to cast spells dependent on the elements of nature, or those tied to a religious figure.

Sea-Elves gain experience at a rate of 1.10 x Normal.

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Trolls are horrid carnivores found in all climates, from arctic wastelands to tropical jungles. Most creatures avoid these beasts, since trolls know no fear and attack unceasingly when hungry, which is approximately all the time. Their frame appears thin and frail, but trolls possess surprising strength. Their arms and legs are long and ungainly. The legs end in great three-toed feet, the arms in wide powerful hands with sharpened claws. The trolls' rubbery hide is colored a moss green, mottled green and grey, or putrid grey. A writhing hair-like mass grows out of their skulls and is usually greenish black or iron grey in color.

Dull, sunken black eyes possess infravision, They also are famous for their strange abilities to regenerate. This makes them perhaps one of the most formidable races in the entire realm.

Trolls walk upright but hunched forward with sagging shoulders. The trolls' gait is uneven and, when running, the arms dangle free and drag along the ground. For all this seeming awkwardness, trolls are very agile. They have been seen scaling cliffs relatively easily. Trolls have a poor sense of hearing, but their sense of smell is superior.

Trolls gain experience at a rate of 0.93 x Normal.

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Goblins were an early race, created by the evil gods in answer to the good gods having created the lovable little pixies. Goblins are about as opposite of pixies as you can imagine. If pixies are happy hyper and cute, then goblins are sure enough short, ugly, mean and just plain evil.

Goblins have flat faces, broad noses, pointed ears, wide mouths and small, sharp fangs. Their foreheads slope back, and their eyes are dull and glazed, except when a pixie is around, then their eyes glow with an almost insane desire to smite the little creatures. Their skin ranges in color from yellow through oranges, and even to deep red. Their eyes vary between yellow and red. They tend to wear plain leather colored clothing and are generally very dirty. Goblins are unable to speak in any languages save their own, which consists of screams and physical gestures.

The evil gods felt it necessary to bestow these creatures with a strange curse, their heads will begin to ache whenever a pixie is in the near vicinity, and it will only get worse until the pest is either chased away or preferably slain by the goblins. A goblin suffering from this curse will tend to shriek and scream in frustration and pain as it works itself into a horrific frenzy.

All other classes are beyond their abilities as most require some type of speech.

Goblins gain experience at 1.1 x the normal rate, and can study the ways of thieves or warriors.

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