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This world is run by sets of laws which are made to protect players from each other as well as Immortals to some extent. They are based mostly on common sense to ensure balance within the game. It is true that any player's presence here is a privilege, not a right, however, we do not want this to feel like a dictatorship. Although Immortals are responsible for enforcing laws, it is possible to talk to any Immortal of level 112 or higher level if you disagree with a decision which has been made.

You may be asked to send a log of the encounter, but that depends on the circumstances.


No, we are not talking about a luncheon meat here. Spam is the repeated use of a phrase, command, or channel that causes screen scroll for others. Not only is spam considered rude, but excessive screen scroll can interfere with the game play of anyone seeing it (not to mention combat situations). The game will also tell you to PUT A LID ON IT and force-quit you after the 20th repeat of a single command.

It is also considered spam to use the same phrase over several different channels.

The use of all-caps can also be considered spam.Only use capitals to add emphasis to key words in a sentence. Moving a large number of items into and out of a container in a crowded, non-store room is considered spam. Using multiple characters to chat the same message at the same time is considered spam. Making charmed mobs or pets to cause screen scroll through movement or orders is considered spam. ANYTHING that causes excessive or irritating screen scroll can be considered spam.

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Profanity is not permitted on any public channel, which is a channel seen by those other than yourself and the person to whom you are speaking, with the exception of the War channel (explained below). If you use profanity in a private conversation and the other party asks you to stop, please respect their wishes. These rules apply to your title as well.

Our definition of Profanity:

Profanity consists of any and all language which is considered "FCC indecent." The language we allow is basically what you might hear on network "primetime TV" or in the evening news. If you have any doubt about a word, don't use it or ask an immortal if its ok.

If you are extremely angry and feel like screaming a blue streak, please take it to the "war" channel. This is the only channel where profanity will be allowed, to an extent. If this is abused, use of channels will be restricted. If you don't like profanity, even occasionally, please turn off your war channel

If any level of Immortal asks you to desist on a subject, or to move the subject to an appropriate channel, do so immediately. Continuing on a subject or channel after you are requested to stop may result in your character losing its access to channels through silencing.

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Arguing with or flaming Immortals on channels *will* get you silenced or worse, including deletion or a siteban as well if you push the matter. Regardless of level, the decision of an Immortal stands. If you do not like the judgement, appeal to a higher level in a note or personally. DO NOT take it onto the public channels. DO NOT accuse an Immortal of anything over the public channels. Talk to that Immortal personally, or talk to a higher level Immortal. Improper behavior will not be treated lightly.

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Multi-playing is NOT permitted on Escape from Armonia. You are allowed to have multiple characters, but they cannot interact, help, hinder, etc.. each other in any way, shape, or form.

Let me clarify:

  • You cannot have two of your characters logged on at the same time.
  • You cannot pass equipment from one of your characters to another.
  • You cannot cast spells on one of your characters with another of your chars.
  • You cannot "soften up" monsters with one of your characters to help another.
  • You cannot leave piles of eq lying around for your other chars to pick up.
  • You cannot give eq/money/whatever to another person's character and have them give it to another of your characters.
  • If you "share" a character with someone else, that character counts as belonging to both of you for the purpose of multiplaying.

There are no exceptions to these rules. There are no loopholes in these rules. They are not subject to interpretation, bending or fiat. There will be no multiplaying here. Punishment can include but is not limited to level/eq loss, deletion and site banning. Punishment will be handed out as quickly as possible, with or without prior warning.

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Player Killing

All characters over level 5 and 18 years old are eligible to fight with other characters.This is known as pkilling.The following rules apply for now when players get into fights with each other:

  • You are not allowed to attack a player you cannot group with at the time.
  • You are allowed to take 3 pieces of equipment from the corpse of any player you successfully kill, if you can.
  • If more than one person is involved in the death of another player, they are still allowed to take only 3 pieces TOTAL of gear off the corpse.
  • A player who has been killed in a pfight, may not be attacked for at least 5 minutes after it occurred. Any people this player attacks, may defend themselves however.
  • You are not allowed to move the corpse of the person you killed without his/her permission. In fact, anyone messing with another players corpse without the owner's permission will be dealt with severely. This rule is designed to allow players a fair chance to go get their own corpses if they do die.

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We allow player killing to some extent in this realm.You are allowed to attack another player if he or she is within range to group with you.You will not be allowed to attack any character whose character is neither 18 years of age or at least level 5, and you will not be allowed to attack any other players if you do not meet at least one of the above criteria.

Pkilling in groups is legal, as is pkilling link-dead or afk players, HOWEVER, such behavior is generally frowned upon by most other players and such actions may earn you unwanted attention and/or a unfavorable reputation amongst others, but that is your concern not ours.

You are NOT allowed to be killed or kill any other players for at least five minutes after your last kill or death by pkilling.This serves two purposes, first it gives everyone involved a little down time to lower their blood pressure, and secondly it protects players from being targeted repeatedly before they have a chance to recover.

Player killing is meant to be a role-play assisting option, and is NOT designed for players to harass or torment each other out of character.If such behavior comes to the attention of any administrating immortal, there can and will be severe consequences.

If you think that someone is pkilling you unreasonably or is able to do so by abusing a bug, then post a note to immortal about it, but please do not waste other players' time and screen space griping to them when they can do nothing about it directly.

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Sharing Characters

Character sharing is a bad idea. Your characters are your own characters, and no one else's. It is advised not to share your characters with other people due to possible accusation of multiplaying. Any characters you own, are not allowed to be in the game at the same time together. If this is unclear see Multiplaying. Whoever owns the password, owns the character.

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Cheating is a very serious offense and subjects all characters involved to a slay, purge (loss of all equipment), freeze, balzhur (destruction of all equipment and public demotion to level 2), deny or even a site ban.

What is considered cheating?

  • exploiting (intentionally using) a bug to gain equipment or gold
  • intentionally causing the system to crash
  • intentionally duplicating equipment or gold
  • knowingly accepting illegal equipment (see above) from others
  • attempting to duplicate equipment or gold -- * even if not successful*
  • using or making profit from equipment that was accidentally duplicated
  • using gold that was accidentally duplicated
  • knowingly accepting unnecessary immortal aid. Immortal aid is only considered necessary if a bug is somehow detrimentally involved.

Cheating hurts the game, and every player in the game. Protect yourself and report any bugs you find, and inform the Immortals if you have strong cause to believe someone is engaged in any of the above.

If you find you have accidentally duplicated an item, turn the item over immediately to an Immortal or drop and sacrifice the item.

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Stores or shop owners

Shopkeepers are fair game for any player to try to fight, however, they are generally bigger than other characters their level. Be warned that it might not be a good idea to pick a fight with a shopkeeper.

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Kill Stakes

The first player to attack a mob has the rights to the kill. Others should not get involved without being requested to do so. Those receiving aid are under no obligation to reward their benefactors. Monopolization of a mob and its repops will not be tolerated. Any disputes brought to the attention of an Immortal for resolution will be handled according the the Immortal's discretion. All such decisions are final

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Harassment is giving a person unwanted attention, whether you perceive it as negative or positive attention. If a person is made to be uncomfortable by your attention or comments, you are harassing that person. If a person asks you to desist in talking to them or performing socials on them, and you do not stop, you are harassing that person. If you act in an intimate manner to a character, without their permission, you are harassing that person.

No form of harassment is tolerated in the Realms. We especially frown upon unwanted comments or actions with a sexual nature or explicit content. If you do not have an intimate relationship with the person, whether in real life or within the Realms, you should refrain from using suggestive actions and/or comments.

As far as pkill vs harassment is concerned, normal attacking is not considered harassment if it is a legal attack in terms of the pkill laws. Spam killing is obviously harassment and will result in similar consequences as anything else described here. See LAWS PKILL for further clerification on this point.

Another not so obvious form of harassment is any form of advertising. If a character finds it necassary in any way to use public channels to advertise basically anything, especially other muds, this will likely end up in SEVERE punishment. And YES, sending a tell to every player in the game is equivalent to using ooc, chat, or any other public channel.

If you are caught harassing another player in any way, you can be silenced, helled, frozen, denied, and/or site banned. Harassing another player is a serious violation of the rules and will not be permitted. If you choose to harass an immortal, you will simply be deleted.

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Do not bring aggressive mobs into or near a hometown, as when their charm wears off (either naturally or by attack) their aggressive nature will return. See 'help charm' for more.

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It is illegal to pass equipment to players you cannot group with.

It is illegal to give or sell equipment to other players if it has a cost of 0. (You can examine equipment to see if it is valuable or not. If it is not valuable do not give/sell it to other players. If all else fails you can always ask any immortal if what you are about to do is legal BEFORE you do it.)

It is illegal to sell equipment for less than what a shopkeeper would pay you for it to other players you cannot group with. (Use the value command and the higher value listed, or identify it to find out the true value of the item in question. When in doubt, simply do not bother to give/sell it, let the other person earn it for themselves.)

If one sells equipment to another player, you must collect money at that time. They must have enough money to buy it when purchasing the equipment.

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These laws exist to force players to earn their equipment in one manner or another. This keeps the game fair for all of us. Failure to obey the rules can result in the loss of equipment or perhaps more serious penalties for multiple offenses. Be sure to read the laws from within the mud to look for any changes that may yet not be updated here.