Where do I go to get a "client" to play on?

There are many fine clients out there. Many of the immortals use Zmud which we have found easy to use and work with.

What Should My Name Be?

When choosing a name, please try to choose one which is both medieval and unique. Good names help add to gameplay and will allow you to forge an identity for yourself. Simply put, your name should NOT be:

  • Nonsensical, unpronounceable or ridiculous.
  • Profane or derogatory as interpreted in any language.
  • Futuristic or common, such as 'Jill' or 'Laser'.
  • Similar to that of any Realms Immortal, major mob, or equipment.
  • Significant in history, mythology, or any religion, such as ‘Santa’
  • Comprised of various capital letters, such as 'BrACkkA' or 'CORTO'.
  • Comprised of ranks or titles, such as 'Lord' or 'Master'.
  • Composed of singular descriptive nouns, adverbs or adjectives, as in 'Heart', 'Big', 'Flying', 'Broken', 'Slick' or 'Tricky'.
  • Any of the above in reverse, i.e., writing Jade as 'Edaj'.
  • Any combination of singular descriptive nouns/adverbs or adjectives, as in 'Metaljacket Heartbound Earthstone or Softheart'

If you choose an unacceptable name, an Immortal will nicely ask you to choose a different one and we will rename your character. There will be no need to restart your character.

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Is Roleplaying Required Here?

Role-playing is defined as trying to put yourself in someone else's place and decide what/how that person should act or respond in certain situations. In the case of our mud this 'someone else' is your character. While you sit behind your keyboard, you are allowed to see our world through the eyes of your particular character. You see when this person becomes hungry/thirsty, gains power, or suffers losses and problems.

This is all designed to help make it easier for you roleplay your character more and more accurately. As stated before the world here is heavily based on AD&D, which is a very famous roleplaying game. This means that during normal play you decide things that your character should say and act out, which can be seen by other characters online at that time, and to which they may choose to react to in various ways, including talking, emotes, socials or even violence.

When you as a player, use the majority of channels within the mud, excluding the OOC(out of character) one, the other players will assume that what you say and do is your style of role-playing. Unless otherwise stated it is valid to assume that someone is always roleplaying when not using the OOC channel. This means that insults chides and comments made on the other channels will be interperated in this light.

Keep this in mind as you watch and respond to other things that other players do and say. Even though we do not force people to roleplay on our mud, it is the prefered method of playing. Although two people may have drastically different opinions on methods or actions taken by various characters, since they are simply that, opinions, and we do not force roleplaying onto players, neither is any better or worse than the other.

While you may feel the need to criticize someone else's style of playing, be mindful that this does not become open harassment, as we DO enforce laws concerning that. As usual if you have any questions regarding anything to do with laws about this or other subjects, please feel free to ask an immortal for clarification.

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How Do I See My Commands?

When you enter the MUD, simply type commands to see what all the commands available to you. If you have a question regarding a command, type Help < command >. We have an extensive help system and are always adding help files. If for some reason, You find a subject that does not have a help file or you do not understand a help file, please ask an Immortal that is on, or if you cannot find an Immortal write a note and we will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

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How Do I Write A Note?

Simply type "note write" (without the quotations " ) while in the MUD and a note will appear in your hands and you will be pushed into a buffer. Whatever you type while in this buffer will go into your note. When you are done, just type /s in order to exit the buffer. If you wish to know how to move around while in the buffer, ie. correct mistakes, etc, just type /? While in the buffer. For further information type Help Note while in the MUD.

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How Do I Practice?

Each race begins the game in its own homeland town, encampment, or city. The first thing to do is find a mobile who will teach you in your skills. To see a list of possible skills and/or spells to learn, type practice. To see what you skills you will be able to learn in the future, type slist. Once you have found a mobile to practice at, you must be in the room with it and type practice < skill/spell >. The mobile will teach you once in each skill/spell, and from then on you must use the skill in order to gain proficiency in it. For any further questions, please type Help practice while in the MUD.

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How Do I Move Around?

Once in the mud, you should be able to see any visible exits at the bottom of the room description. If you cannot, you may need to configure your screen. Simply type config +autoexit in order to fix this. By typing north (n), south (s), east (e), or west (w), you are able to move in any direction you would like. Sometimes exits are hidden or need to be searched out. To find these, look carefully in the room descriptions for clues and then try to look at various things in the rooms. Sometimes you will be able to see these things which may give you clues to puzzles within the rooms. They will not be in every room, but in some you may find special exits. In some rooms you may need to search for an exit. To do this, simply type search < direction >, if you succeed in finding an exit not readily apparent, you will receive a message saying so. Once again, if you have any questions, please feel free to write a note or ask someone that is on the MUD at the time.

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How Do I Communicate With Other Players Or An Immortal?

When you begin playing, you have the option of Saying, Telling, or Newbie Chat.

  • to use say, the person you want to talk to must be in the same room, just type SAY
  • to use tell, the target person may be anywhere within the Realms, just type TELL
  • newbiechat is seen and used only by level 1 characters, members of the Newbie Council, and Immortals.
  • To see this message while in the MUD, simply type Help Channels

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How Do I Follow An Imm?

We have decided that in order to avoid favoritism and other problems that are associated with devoting to actual Immortals, to create a deity system that one is able to devote too. If you type deities while in the MUD, you will be able to see a list of deities available for you to devote to. You may also type Help Devote while in the MUD for more information on devoting.

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What Is The Best Class/Race?

We have designed this MUD so that each class and race has its own inherent abilities, and skills to bring to any grouping. The hope is that each are good in their own way. It all depends on what one is looking for. Some classes are designed for a more advanced player because they are more difficult but generally the patience and skill that is required to play these pays off in the end because they are so powerful at higher levels. We cannot say that there is any one best class or race, each is unique and the only way to find which is best for you is to try playing each of them.

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How Do I Get A Quest?

Quests are run at random times for different groups of players within the realms. They may involve anything from a scavenger hunt, to solving riddles, to killing mobs that threaten the Realms. Quests are an excellent way to meet other players, and enhance roleplaying throughout the realm. Different quests will result in different awards. Awards are up to the discretion of the immortal running the quest.

Some things to remember while questing:

  • We are volunteers, and choose to run quests. If you have criticisms of the quest, or the person running the quest, please be constructive and vent your concerns in an appropriate forum- a note or personal chat.
  • Do not ask when the next quest will be, or if there is a quest. Just pay attention to channels and what is going on around you. If something out of the ordinary is going on, there's a good chance it might be a quest.
  • Unless explicitly stated, Multi-playing is NOT allowed during quests. IF you are caught multi-playing, you will forfeit any reward, and most likely have a temporary ban from questing placed on the characters involved

Any Immortal below level 109 is not allowed to give quests unless they have received special permission from an upper level immortal.

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How Do I Set Up Triggers?

When setting up a good trigger, it is important to make sure that it does what you want, when you want it. This is a list of common triggers. These triggers are going to be assumed to be part of zMud operations. These are setup by going into the triggers and by typing into the field key what you want the trigger to be fired from. These are my suggestions for some useful ones.

An autoloot trigger: (If your mud doesn't have one configured automatically) in the field type in: You receive then for the result you should type in get all corpse. This will prevent you from accidentally looting corpses like if you typed "is dead!" for your trigger and told it to get all corpse.

A disarm trigger: In the field type in: you are DISARMED! For the result, type in: get sword (or staff or whatever); wear sword. You must use the semicolon in-between get sword; wear sword.

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What If I Have A Question About Something?

We have an extensive help system compiled here.

First, we recommend that you try to find a Help File on a subject that you have a question about, or a related subject. Sometimes things are not worded exactly as you ask them, ie. Asking about quests and the help file is for questing. We have tried to make things as easy to access as possible but sometimes little things do slip through the cracks.

If there is an Immortal or another player on that is available and can help you with your question, go ahead and try to ask them.

If after this, you cannot find what you are looking for, or do not understand what you have read, please write a note to an Immortal and we will try to get back to you as soon as possible. Oftentimes we are busy and not able to get right to your question so forgive us in advance if we do not respond promptly if you OOC your question while you are on the MUD. Writing a note allows us to have a permanent reminder that there is something that requires our attention.

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How Do I Avoid Dying?

There are several ways to do this, but inevitably, at some point you will die and have to start from your beginning point once again. In order to lessen the number of times you do end up dying, here are a few hints.

Be sure to Consider mobs that you want to kill. By doing this, you will be able to see how they compare to you in levels, and strength. Depending on your equipment and your level, you may wish to decide to wait on killing a particular mob or go ahead and give it a try. Dying is not something to fear, you lose minimal experience for it, and we have made it so that you will not lose a level no matter how much experience you may lose.

It also helps to group with other players that may be playing. Please type "Help Grouping" while in the MUD to see how grouping works.

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Why does it take so long to die sometimes?

Sometimes there is a wait on dying in order to allow other players to aid you if they are around. This feature has been debugged and should allow you do die much faster once you reach –6 in hitpoints.Although this makes dying slower, it often lets players have the opportunity to cheat death and regenerate hit points, in the case of trolls etc. We just suggest that you take a break and grab a soda while you wait to die. It really isn’t that long of a wait, it just seems long.

However, IF you remain at 0 hp for an extended period of time, please note an immortal and we will try to fix that. This should not be happening any more.

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What are my options when I do finally die?

(answered courtesy of Garmrir)

So little one, you have died and no longer have your pathetic corpse given to you for free. Glory be to me, Garmrir, Lord of Death, Decay, and Corruption! But I suppose letting you continue on and die even more would serve my goals better than letting your corpse simply rot. Here are some things you can do to retrieve that lost corpse of yours.

First, get off your freshly slain arse and get it yourself! Nothing like walking back to where you met your end to take back what is yours.

Second, get one of your mortal companions to pick up your corpse and bring it to you. Disgraceful as this may be, it is better than losing everything.

Next, you can try to supplicate for your corpse. Devoting to a deity ('help deities' in the game for more info) and earning favor ('help favor' in game for more info) for that deity allows you to supplicate for your corpse ('help supplicate' in the game for more info).

And finally, if you are so

pathetic that none of these options are within your power, you can beg for an immortal to get your corpse for you. Be warned, there is a cost to such weakness on your part. One of your best pieces of equipment will be taken as payment for an immortal retrieving your corpse. You do have the right to ask what item will be taken as payment before your corpse is retrieved, however. But which is worse, losing one of your best items or losing all of your puny items?

Now that you have back your equipment, go forth and slay all who stand in your way.

All glory be to the Lord of Death!

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