The Void Which Binds

The elves know him as Insubstantia, the drow as He Who Is. Even trolls and ogres acknowledge the presence of Void. By whatever name it is known, Void is the glue that holds the world together. Void exists in the cracks in stone, between the mortar of castles, and underneath the leaves of plants. Void permeates everything. It is the place from which power is drawn in order to work magic. It is the stuff that souls and dreams are made of.

Void prefers that his followers revere him through their actions rather than trying to impress him with earthly baubles. In fact, cluttering up Void's realm with useless earthly things only makes it angry. There are those that worship Void, and to the ones that it recognizes as true followers, great insight and power can be granted. Void hates things that use its power for harm. Woe to those who pledge their lives to void only in words and not in action.