Vaathiss is the shadowed shape of the city of Nachstrum. While Sacasus rules outright in that region, followers of this strange formless monstrosity abound. Its power lies in knowing all and having little known about itself in all truth. Followers of this demonic mass will say little except that it strives for the demise of the ruling deity of its homeland.

Some legends speak of an accursed mage who lost his form due to a flawed polymorph spell, others whisper of a master shapeshifter whom was forced into exile by the ruling priestesses of the city for threatening their rule. The truth is as murky as all the other aspects of this strange power.

Although little is known as to what this abomination would like from any would be followers, it can be stated with almost certainty that it is utterly evil, and as such, will be pleased by acts that show cruelty, inspire fear or strife, or acts which bring the demise of those allied to its enemies. Time without form has taught this monstrosity patience without bound, and as such, it expects similar things from its followers, however, it is said to bring great power to those who can stand to please it.

ethereal mist