This ancient elven deity is said to be a child of the Jarika, one of her first. Sages believe that the soul of the goddess Jarika is housed within the trunk of The Legendary Great Oak, and that from this tree an apple fell. This apple became the soul for the elven god of mercy and justice, Lezitheal.

Known as the elven god of all things having to do with Light and all that is Holy, this deity shines his love upon those followers who uphold such virtues as Honor, Valor, Honesty, and Humility. He expects his followers to show good judgement in choosing their battles, as well as proper respect for those fallen in combat. He dislikes cowardly behavior, such as stealing and backstabbing, and especially dislikes acts of injustice and meaningless violence. He wishes for his followers to work together to assist the greater good of all living creatures, not just elves.