Kukpapakuuz is as close to the true pronunciation of the name of this early goblin thief as any records show. He was among the first to be corrupted for the job of slaying his master's enemies. As he grew in the ways of the darkness, he became great amongst his peers, shining in their midst. So pleased were his dark lords that they made him the first leader of his clans. He was gifted with the ability to see all. As he grew stronger he gave his gift to those amongst his kind that served him with the dark fervor that gained him such favor.

In the end the dark lords he had served became Gods, and as a reward for an eternity of service, they gave him the powers of deity to lead his kind into the darkness. His followers often show their loyalty by painting their faces red for the blood spilled, and using ashes to make a black handprint across their face showing that eventually they will be burnt in effigy to his glory. He is demanding and loves the kill. The bodies laying about for the bones to bleach makes his cold heart happy.