credit and thanks

Dennis M. Ritchie and Ken Thompson for their creation and development of "C" and UNIX; also Bell Laboratories, AT&T, MIT, and the University of Berkeley California for their development and contributions to UNIX and C libraries; and thanks also to The Free Software Foundation for their GCC compiler, C library and development tools.

J.R.R. Tolkien for his huge contribution to the fantasy world and great many, many inspirations; and of course TSR Hobbies Inc. for their many continuing contributions to the world of gaming, including Dungeons & Dragons (tm), AD&D (tm) and Forgotten Realms (tm); also Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone for their Fighting Fantasy (tm) games and books.

The DIKU Mud team for their contributions to the Internet world of MUDS, and the MERC Mud team for their work and development towards DikuMud.

Damean, Myra, Ilira, Kane, and Sonja ‘s Immortals Artwork credited to Josh Montreuil Many thanks !

Credit for Immortal Laeryl’s Artwork goes to ClipArtCastle

Loklor’s Immortal Artwork – Done by Loklor Himself

Zara's Immortal Artwork done by Jenn.T. Huge thanks :-)

Thanks Tspaar of fortunecity for providing us with a beautiful unicorn for our frame head.

Thanks to NiteWhispr for several neat graphics found here.

Thanks to Alshandra's Clip Art Collection for several neat graphics.

Thanks to Josh James for the neat flash movie bit he made for us.

Thanks to fantasy graphics where we found several deity pictures.

Several Pictures were found at Gaelic Girls Gif's. This is a really good sight.

Main Background Image courtesy of jk1991 at

Thanks to the cavernswhere we got some evil looking deity pictures. Good, Good.

And a great many thanks to all the gods, avatars and wonderful players of Realms of Despair, as without them this mud could not be what it is.

Dungeons & Dragons (tm) and TSR Hobbies Inc.

Here we'd like to duplicate the original credits from the Basic Rules, Dungeons & Dragons (tm), (c) 1974, 1977, 1978, 1981, 1983 TSR Hobbies Inc.

The following individuals have made this work possible through its years of evolution: Dave Arneson, Brian Blume, Dave Cook, Anne C. Gray, Ernie Gygax, E. Gary Gygax, Allen Hammack, Kevin Hendryx, John Eric Holmes, Harrold Johnston, Tim Kask, Jeff Key, Rob Kuntz, Alan Lucien, Steve Marsh, Tom Moldvay, Mike Mornard, Jon Pickens, Brian Pitzer, Michael Price, Patrick L. Price, Paul Reiche, Evan Robinson, Gordon Schick, Lawrence Schick, Don Snow, Edward G. Sollers, Garry Spiegle, Stephen D. Sullivan, Ralph Wagner, Jim Ward, Jean Wells, Bill Wilkerson, Donald Paterson, and Frank Mentzer.

DIKUMud's concepts were directly based on TSR's D&D concepts.

More Credit Given within the MUD. Please Type Help CREDITS to see complete list. 1