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The Immortals who run Escape From Destiny are almost exclusively ex-players of other MUDs, who after playing extensively on their respective
MUDs, decided that they could make a 'better mouse trap' so to speak.

We have taken basic Smaug coding and made heavy modifications to different aspects of it, while leaving other parts, which we found very useful,
mostly untouched. With a unique experience system as well as several unique classes and other features to work with, Escape From Destiny offers
both a challenge for experienced mudders, and a learning environment for the less experienced mudder. We hope to make this a growing world in
which both role-players can enjoy him or herself thoroughly.

We welcome any comments which can be made via a note to Immortal within the mud, on our facebook page, or via e-mail if that is more convenient.

Thank you for your time,
The Staff of Escape From Destiny

Escape from Destiny Staff




Myra, Ilira, Kevinicus, Zara, Abaet

Retired Immortals -

Tecumseh, Tzeentch, Gruk, Loklor, Laeryl, Garmrir, Jasmin
Cranos, Dekros, Amalyrr, Ashgal, Feanaro, Qumon, Kyrie
Gwendelyn, Dreb, Lucina, Trevalyn, Raysio, Lohan